Aquaponic Garden in the Winter Greenhouse!

Keeping the fish warm in the winter and growing lettuce! Don’t have any pictures, but the greenhouse structure actually did just fine during the Blizzard of 2016 in Alexandria, VA.


2015 Aquaponic Pond & Garden in the Backyard!

2015 Aquaponic Pond - Garden

All of the goldfish survived the winter in the shed! The kiddie pool that I dumpster-dived a couple of years ago still works as the pond. The repurposed kids toy tub is sitting on top of a re-used wood pallet that is supported by 4 wine bottles (empty, of course). Flowers in the tub keep the water clean for the fish and the fish waste feeds the plants. Even put an old watering can on the side to catch the overflow. You can also see a styrofoam float that carries around pots where celery and lettuce is re-growing from used kitchen scraps!

Aquaponic Pond & Garden Moved to My Shed for Winter.

Aquaponic Pond & Garden made from all recycled and free-cylced stuff!
Aquaponic Pond & Garden made from all recycled and free-cylced stuff!

This is the pond/garden we had outside this year. We have basically moved the fish and bins inside for the winter. Now we’re growing lettuce, dandelions, and green peppers for the winter.

Solar Heater (1)

Here is the front of the shed showing the two pallets stacked with about 100 soda cans painted black forming a solar heater. This is the main source of heat for the shed. There is also a rain barrel (filled with rain water of course) inside the shed. The water in it heats up to the temperature inside the shed. At night, it helps keep the shed warm as it slowly lets off some of its heat. By morning, the sun comes out and starts the process all over again. It becomes a little bit of a challenge on cold wintery days with no sunshine, but so far, we’ve been able to keep the shed at above 40 degrees all winter long, even when the temperature outside has gotten down to below zero.